Parish Archives

St. Peter the Apostle Parish is blessed with the best historical archives in our diocese, a distinction that befits our status as "mother church" of this part of New Jersey. Our volunteer archivists research, collect and preserve data and artifacts related to the establishment of the parish and of the first parochial school in New Brunswick, so that future generations may know and appreciate the struggles and perseverance of our ancestors in faith.


Our archives make it possible for anyone who is interested to learn about the history of our parish family, and about the Sisters of Charity from Convent Station, who served the parish and schools for almost 140 years.

Those researching family histories and relationships can request information from over 180 years of sacramental records.

Our archivists can also provide displays and presentations to share our rich history with the larger community.

For more information:

Please contact Carmel Mangarella through the Parish Office to request information or to volunteer with our archivists.