Adult Formation Activities

Once we have encountered Christ in the Gospel and started on the path of discipleship, we seek to get to know the Lord and His ways better, in order to be in closer relationship with Him and to commit more deeply to living as Christians in the world. In order to be active, faithful Catholics and make our contribution to the Church and to the world, we need to have a basic knowledge and understanding of what we believe, so that we can build on a foundation of faith. In fact, everyone in the Church is in need of ongoing catechesis, regardless of situation or age group. All the baptized have a right to receive this catechesis to support their Christian life and strengthen their witness to others. Our spiritual formation activities for adults endeavor to strengthen our knowledge of the faith in order to bring us to a deeper spiritual maturity and commitment to Christ.

For more information, please contact Fr. Jeff Calia, C.O. through the parish office.