Keys to the Kingdom

Christ has opened the door to the Kingdom for you. He calls to everyone: "Come to me!"

Keys to the Kingdom is a powerful presentation of the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For some, it is a refreshing reminder of the awesome truth and blessing we share as people of Catholic faith. For many, it is a new experience of the profound personal love of God. Either way, God is at work, providing for all of us as we open our hearts and minds to Him.

A Fresh Perspective

Life has a way of changing our perspective over time.  The ideals we missed or overlooked when we were in  school, have now become  a source of yearning and priority.  Keys to the Kingdom is intended to provide a mature Catholic faith perspective;  full of solid information and vision for daily life in Christ. 

A Fulfilling Experience

A time and a place to savor inspiration,   gain knowledge and build relationships. Enjoy the music and prayer and presentations...yes, and be surprised by the effects in your life.

Wherever you are in your life and in your journey of faith, we welcome and invite you to claim your Keys to the Kingdom. Feel free to invite others to attend with you. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us at 732-545-6820.

Keys to the Kingdom Schedule

The Keys to the Kingdom Seminar has concluded for the fall of 2015. It was a powerful journey in which 88 participants and team members took part! Stay tuned for future opportunities to grow in faith and community here at St. Peter's.