Religious Eduation Policies


Regular attendance is an important factor in your child’s religious education.  Diocesan policy requires us to maintain formal records of attendance and that absences are kept to a maximum of one time in any one year.  If a child is absent, he/she will be expected to make up the work missed before the next session.  All class curriculums will be available for students and parents to view on our parish website. Also please note, Whole Community Catechesis requires that one parent/adult stays for the session with your child/family.  Only in the case of the monthly sacrament preparation sessions for children in 2nd or 8th grade are children allowed to be “dropped off”.

Tuition & Fees

One child                    $125.00
2nd Child                        75.00
3rd Child                         50.00

There is a family maximum fee of $250.00 for the year.

There is an additional sacrament fee of $75.00 for each child who is preparing for sacraments, which includes all fees for the year, retreats, and gown rentals for Confirmation, etc.


All of our catechists are volunteers who give of their time and talents generously throughout the year.  All catechists are encouraged to attend parish formation sessions to further their faith knowledge as well as diocesan and on-line classes available to them.  Volunteers are always welcome!  Please call Anne-Marie Calderone at 732-545-6820 ext. 15 if you would like to volunteer in any capacity.  All of our catechists go through a background check through finger-printing and attend a Virtus training session as part of our on-going efforts to protect children.

Other Areas of Concern

Please refer to our weekly bulletin and parish website for information regarding upcoming events during the year, emergency closings, etc.  Please feel free to contact the Director of Religious Education, Anne-Marie Calderone with any concerns or questions you may have regarding the program at 732-545-6820 ext. 15 or by e-mail at  You may also stop by the office on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays from 9:30am-2:00pm.