Evangelization & Spiritual Formation

We commit ourselves to the primary vocation of the Church which is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the good news of his incarnation, life, passion, death and resurrection.  We do this through personal conversion that comes about through the Holy Spirit, by bearing witness to our personal faith, fulfilling our role as the laity and growing in our understanding of the Catholic faith.


Evangelization: To proclaim the Good News of Jesus and to foster in Catholics an enthusiasm for their faith that they freely share it with others.

Spiritual Formation: To foster ongoing conversion in Catholics, to help them grow in spiritual maturity and to develop leadership skills.

Hospitality and Community: To invite friends, family, and fellow parishioners to hear the message of salvation in Jesus Christ and to participate in our parish community.



Bible Study

Men's & Women's Groups

Young Adult Outreach

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

Adult Confirmation

Baptismal Preparation for Parents